The English Tea Ladies
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Polly Perkins & Philippa Collin

Photos by Abdulkadir Poyraz

Improvised animation (with a twist)

You are…..
Facing a new set of communication challenges in your organisation as a result of mergers, international collaboration or diversity issues. Your identity is evolving from Dutch to international & intercultural and you want to stimulate a global mindset and the natural use of English amongst your staff. You have held workshops and (re)-trained employees; now you are looking for new & unusual ways to support this process.

We are….
Sybil & Gladys; the English Tea Ladies. We are deceptively simple; two ladies of a certain age serving tea, coffee and biscuits from our trolly. As well as a hot drink we provide a friendly chat and we might burst into song. We are open and hands-on. Quintessentially English but equally at ease in culturally diverse environments.

But we are also modern court jesters; specialized in confronting complex issues playfully. We like being thought-provoking and stimulating debate, engaged with your organisation's issues without being prescriptive about the solutions. We are open to the unexpected and invite your staff to see issues from fresh perspectives.

We take the time to create a tailor-made programme in close collaboration with you, to support your process of transformation. The result is an energetic & improvised event, co-created by your staff which will leave them with food for thought and new insights.
We are very flexible and feel just at home in a busy conference venue as in a small, intimate gathering.

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‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t.’